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Busy Ant Marketing

We’re consistent, responsive and always ready with creative solutions and the digital and social media tools to help you succeed.  We care about your business and about delivering online marketing programs that are relevant, practical and impactful.

Effective, simple, right-priced marketing for a strong online presence. 

Let’s keep your business active on the platforms with the most powerful reach.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook reaches the widest audience of any social media and has the deepest bench of tools for delivering your message, telling your story and showcasing your services and products.  We’ll keep your posts and ads fresh and engaging.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an entirely mobile experience where the visual (not words) is king, and it thrives on users being able to engage with the visual content brands share. 


We design websites that make it easy for people to find you on their mobile devices.  Your well-designed site will make a strong, positive impression for your business and invite customers to take action.

Google My Business

A complete, current and fresh content approach to your Google My Business program will help your business perform better in Google keyword and map searches.

Google Search Advertising (PPC)

Our team is Google certified and has years of experience running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google ad campaigns, so you can be confident that your offer will be seen by the right audiences at just the right time.

Display and Video Advertising

We’re Google certified and will help you harness the power of Google and YouTube.  Reach and engage wider audiences, build brand awareness, and generate leads from interested buyers.

Marketing Expertise and Software

We use best in class industry practices and technology and provide you with a strong return on your advertising and marketing investment.

Reliable Online Marketing

We won’t waste your money on campaigns that don’t work, and we’ll always advise you if we think a campaign or offer won’t have the impact you’re looking for. We know where, when and how to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and across the social-mobile-web to keep your advertising campaigns competitive and economical.

Your Customers Are Online. Shouldn’t Your Business Be, Too?

You can rely on Busy Ant Marketing for digital, social and online marketing. Our clients bank on our expertise and creativity on digital and mobile platforms to target, reach and engage new and existing customers and help them grow their business.

Social, Mobile, Digital & Online

We drive results that matter to your business through Facebook and Instagram marketing. We focus on building good websites and creating Google My Business profiles that provide you with a strong digital presence.  And then, we amplify your presence with Google search (PPC), display and YouTube advertising.

Busy Ant Marketing, Guam

Ecommerce Online Stores

With all the uncertainty in today’s brick-and-mortar retail economy, businesses are turning to Online Stores to meet their customers’ needs. Busy Ant Marketing provides full-featured and affordable ecommerce solutions for our clients that includes web, mobile and social stores.

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